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Hey Everyone!

I’m Dr. Sean Rimmer and I’m the founder & owner of Run Potential Rehab & Performance here in Colorado Springs, CO.

I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a running & performance training coach, and an avid runner with a passion for trail, mountain, and ultra-running. 

Sean Rimmer of Run Potential


I spent my early life growing up in Buffalo, NY as a multi-sport athlete. As an athlete, I always wanted to perform at my best, and I always went the extra mile to practice my craft. Since my youth, I've been inspired by the process of training for sport to gain an edge on my performance. 

Looking back, I’m appreciative that I explored a variety of sports and activities growing up. As I believe that set me up for success as an athlete pursuing distance running later in life.​

I became hooked on running in 2014 and I’ve never looked back. Since that time, I’ve run a multitude of races ranging from 5ks and half-marathons on the road, to Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon and The Leadville Trail 100 in the mountains of Colorado. The ability to remain consistent with running has provided more to my life than I ever imagined. The sport of running has provided me with health & fitness, a competitive outlet, the ability to explore, stress relief, and last but definitely not least, the amazing running community! What I appreciate most about running is that there's no shortcuts with the process. What you put into your running, is what you get out of your running. 

When I’m running healthy and feeling fit, all is well. But, unfortunately as a runner, injuries are bound to strike. I’ve dealt with my fair share of running-related injuries over the years including a stress fracture, ankle sprains, and lower leg tendinopathies. I’ve learned a lot over the years with my knowledge of rehab and tissue healing, but when it comes down to it, having a plan for a return to running is key. 

Unfortunately, there’s no cookie-cutter approach to rehab, as each person’s recovery is uniquely dependent on the specific tissue injury and a multitude of other factors. But having a strategic plan to return to running and progressively load the injured area safely is imperative. The biggest challenge I see runners face is a poor plan that ultimately sets them back further from a full recovery.

I started my practice Run Potential Rehab & Performance to guide runners from their injury back to running pain-free and with a higher level of confidence. My ultimate goal of starting my practice was to set the bar higher for my clients' experience, by spending more time with them, and being accountable for them every step of the recovery process and thereafter!


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