Frequently Asked Questions


Where do services take place?

Physical Therapy consultations take place at Anytime Fitness where we have access to a private consultation room and full gym including treadmills, turf space, free weights etc.

Strength & Plyometric Training also take place at Anytime Fitness where we have access to the entire gym.

Run Form Training can take place at Anytime Fitness, but may also take place at a convenient location with room to run (local track, trail, road etc.)

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments through credit/debit card, HSA card, personal check (made out to Run Potential), and cash.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

As a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of Colorado we have Direct Access, which means you do NOT need a Physician referral for Physical Therapy evaluation & treatment. This is beneficial for you as the patient to have direct care for treatment of movement and musculoskeletal pain or injury without needing to make additional appointments to receive physical therapy treatment.

Do you accept insurance for physical therapy?

As a physical therapist, quality of assessment and treatment is essential for optimal patient outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to get you back to running or doing the activity you love pain free. Insurance limits our ability to provide the quality 1-on-1 therapy sessions we want to provide to you as the patient. The benefit for you as the patient is that you will require less visits (avg. 3-6 visits) and more direct time spent with the physical therapist during each session. In the traditional insurance-based physical therapy model, most patients require greater than 15 visits. During each visit, you may have a copay ranging $40-$60+. Over a treatment period your copays add up, and your cost for therapy may be greater than choosing a physical therapist who does not take insurance.  

The short answer is we do NOT take insurance, because we are in favor of higher quality treatment & reducing your time in physical therapy.