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Aerial View of Runners

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just work with Runners?

No, though a majority of the patients I work with are runners or enjoy running, I still strive to work with active individuals to help them move without pain. So if you're someone who is internally motivated to remain active, get out of pain, and improve your movement quality, then I know we'd be a great fit working together!!

Do I need a physician referral?

As a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of Colorado we have Direct Access, which means you do NOT need a Physician referral for Physical Therapy evaluation & treatment. This is beneficial for you as the patient to have direct care for treatment of movement and musculoskeletal pain or injury without needing to make additional appointments to receive physical therapy treatment.

Where do services take place?

All sessions take place at Anytime Fitness where we have access to a private consultation room and full gym including treadmills, turf space, free weights etc.

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