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Services at Run Potential

Run Potential Rehab & Performance

Physical Therapy
Servicing Runners & Active Individuals

Physical Therapy services begin with a 90-minute initial evaluation. We'll spend the time with you to gain a deeper understanding of you pain/injury history, we'll help identify which tissue is involved, and an actionable plan to move forward to ensure patient independence.  Follow-up appointments are always 1-on-1 for the full 60-minutes which will include specific treatment strategies and progressions.  We'll incorporate hands-on therapy if indicated, but our focus will be on building a stronger, more efficient, confident, and less injury patient through a movement-based approach. We'll never waste your time coming in to do the exact same thing you could be doing at home! Our ultimate goal is to get you to where you want to be with your therapy and beyond! We won't settle for average results!

Run Potential Rehab & Performance

Running Assessment

Not dealing with pain or injury, but want to investigate your running efficiency and potential risk for injury? Our 60-minute running assessment includes a treadmill running gait analysis, a battery of running specific performance testing, and joint mobility/strength testing specifically for runners. We'll then review the findings and areas of opportunity to improve on!


Run Technique/Form Training

Want to improve your running form to become a more efficient runner? We'll focus on improving distance running technique through running drill work and specific exercise to improve your ability to run faster while becoming a more durable runner. Most recreational runners are leaving efficiency on the table!

Run Potential Rehab & Performance

1-On-1 Training: 
To Enhance
Movement Skill, Strength, and Performance.

Do you want to build strength, movement skill, and improve your performance in running, sport, or within the activities you enjoy? Then this is the program for you! This program includes customized personal training sessions that are goal driven. This training will also aid the individual to continue to develop movement resiliency and injury prevention for the future.

Run Coaching Colorado Springs

Run Performance Coaching 

Are you interested in having a more organized and goal driven training plan? Or are you not sure about how to train for an upcoming race with the goal of a PR or faster time? 

This coaching partnership will include weekly training programing customized and specific to your goals and a consistent communication line between coach and athlete during the partnership. 

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