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Physical Therapy

The ultimate goal is to empower you as the patient to understand why your pain or injury occurred, and to become independent with your treatment management. Our sessions will be 1-on-1 for 60-90 minutes with specific treatments addressing what you will benefit most from at that time.  We will incorporate hands-on therapy at times, but our focus will be on building a stronger, more efficient, and less injury prone individual.


Healthy Runner Assessment

Not dealing with pain or injury, but want to investigate your running efficiency and potential risk for injury? This session includes a treadmill running gait analysis and a battery of running specific performance testing.


Total Body Diagnostic

This is a physical therapy assessment including joint by joint assessment, muscle performance testing, and functional movement screening. NO treatment is provided during this session, but treatment and plan of care can be added pending the findings of the assessment.


Continuity Training: 
Movement Skill, Strength, and Performance Training.

Are you out of pain, but want to continue to build strength, movement skill, and improve your performance in running or sport? Then this is the program for you. This program includes 2-4 training sessions a month 1-on-1 with a physical therapist. This program is goal driven and helps to continue to develop movement resiliency for the future.


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Physical Therapy

(1-on-1 Appointments are always with a Physical Therapist)

 Initial Evaluation & Treatment

90-minute session

 Follow Up Treatment Session

60-minute session

Total Body Diagnostic

45-minute session 

Healthy Runner Assessment

45-minute session 

Continuity Strength, Movement Skill, & Performance Training

60-Minute Sessions