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Sean Rimmer of Run Potential
Sean Rimmer of Run Potential

My Personal Mission

I provide guidance to runners dealing with running-related pain or injury through education and rehabilitation expertise. I aim for my clients to understand what led to their injury, what specific injury is involved, and how to return to running as quickly and safely as possible. Beyond that, I strive for my clients to return to running with a heightened level of confidence, and with the ability to perform at a higher level than they initially thought was possible!

How Physical Therapy is Different with Us



Gain Understanding

We start any of our services with a personalized phone call to gain an understanding of what an individual has been dealing with, their personal and/or performance goals, and where they would like to be after working together! 


Find the Root Cause of Symptoms

We then perform a thorough history and in-person assessment to find the original cause of your pain or symptoms.


Address the Problem & Progress to Performance

We develop a specific treatment plan for you which is dependent on the tissue involved, your specific goals, and lifestyle. This will include getting you out of pain, improving your movement efficiency, and building the appropriate strength in areas needed. We will then progress you to your running or performance goals!

Blog Writings

Pikes Peak Marathon & Ascent
Marathon Runners

"I had been dealing with chronic injuries that prevented me from getting back to running. Sean has helped me get back to my running self pain free and has given me back my joy! I am forever grateful. I thought my running days were over. Sean is extremely knowledgable and dedicated. He provides a personalized plan to get you back to running without pain and running more efficiently than ever. I have never had PT resolve my issues so effectively or received such personalized attention to fixing the problem. Sean is the best. 10/10 recommend."

-Lisa P



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